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Johannes Robert Rydberg

Johannes Robert Rydberg (1854 - 1919) most important work is on spectroscopy where he found a relatively simple expression relating the various lines in the spectra of the elements (1890).

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Seyfert Galaxies

The key to classifying a galaxy as a Seyfert Galaxy is the presence of broad emission lines from the bright, star-like nucleus. They are often strong radio and infrared sources. The first such active ...

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James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879) is regarded by most modern physicists as the greatest scientist of the 19th century. His work included the formulation of electromagnetic theory based on Faraday's ...

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How Phone-line Networking Works

A brief description of how Phone-line Networking works from Considers advantages of different networking solutions, including using existing phone lines and wireless networks.

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Electric Force Fields

This site discusses the concepts of electric force fields and lines of force.

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