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Sky View is a virtual observatory on the net generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from radio to gamma ray.

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Quirks and Quarks

A Canadian radio show on science with an online archive with podcasts and a blog. Covers all sciences and has some interesting items.

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Intriguing, precisely repeated radio pulses from the plane of our galaxy were discovered in the late 1960's and half-seriously attributed to "little green men" and called LGMs.

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Astronomy and astrophysics on the Web

Links to various telescopes, eg radio, GLAST and other astronomy resources.

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Radio waves and health

A discussion on the possible health implications of using mobile telephones.

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Dr Karl

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki used to be a "proper pukka scientist, engineer and doctor", but is currently an author and science commentator on Australian radio and television.

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A site from the ThinkQuest competition about light giving brief descriptions of electromagnetic radiation from radio waves and microwaves to x rays and gamma rays.

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Cool Cosmos - Revealing the Universe in All of its Light!

Wonderful resource about observing the universe through radio,infra-red, visible, ultra-violet and gamma-rays.

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Are we alone?

Discover what makes life tick and where it might be headed. This podcast / radio show from the SETI Institute explores the nature, history, and future of life on this planet… and life’s possible ...

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Electromagnetic Spectrum

A range of resources on the electromagnetic spectrum and the different types of electromagnectic wave, from radio waves to gamma rays.

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