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Ballistic Pendulum

The ballistic pendulum is a classic example of a dissipative collision in which conservation of momentum can be used for analysis, but conservation of energy during the collision cannot be invoked ...

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MyPhysicsLab hosts a variety of interactive physics simulations like pendulums, roller coasters, colliding blocks, springs, etc. with graphs, source code, and full explanation of the physics and ...

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Strange Attractors

This mathematical essay describes the fractals generated by the nonlinear pendulum and iterated contraction maps. Including information on the butterfly effect.

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Spring Pendulum

Java Applet showing the extension, velocity, acceleration, force and energy variations with time of a mass on a spring

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Free Electron Laser

Many features of the dynamics of free electron lasers can be understood using a simple pendulum model. This site uses JAVA applets to demonstrate this.

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The Physics of Everyday Stuff - Swings

Swings and the flying trapeze are examples of one of the classic problems of physics: the pendulum. This page covers this comparison in detail.

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Explorescience: Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Pendulum and mass-on-spring - change gravity and other variables to see effect on period of oscillation. Good alternative to "real" experiment. Subscription required but with 30 day free trial.

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Simple harmonic motion: the swing of the pendulum

A look at the physics behind simple harmonic oscillation which happens almost everywhere.

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