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Newton's Second Law

Brief definition and equation.

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Newton's Law of Cooling

Definition and equations.

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Newton's Second Law For Rotation

Definition and links to related information.

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The Truck and the ladder

Statement and explanation of Newton's First Law, with animation to illustrate it.

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How Do We Know How Old The Sun Is?

By using asteroids from the formation of the solar system and a few calculation using Kepler and Newton's laws it's possible to work out the age of the sun.

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Newton's cradle

This applet simulates a well known experiment which demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy.

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Forces and Motion

A collection of interesting experiments dealing with friction, rockets and aerodynamics, illustrating Newton's laws.

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How does a thing like that work?

Descriptions of how to carry out the experiments in a lecture tour - covers such topics as Newton's Laws, air pressure and electricity.

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Projectiles and Newton

The "cannon on the mountaintop" thought experiment with user input of velocity data. There is a link to the background lecture notes.

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The thrust of a rocket can be modeled from a generalization of Newton's 2nd Law to include a variable mass.

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