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The Sun’s Magnetic Field Is About to Reverse

Every 11 years the direction of the Sun's magnetic field flips. This article outlines what we expect to observe and experience here on Earth when it does change direction.

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Magneto mini golf

Play golf with a twist using protons in magnetic fields. Start with simple fields, then move all the way up to golfing in Earth’s magnetic field.

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Hans Reichenbach

Hans Reichenbach (1891 - 1953) wrote on quantum mechanics, time, induction, probability and the philosophy of science.

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Lenz's Law

When an emf is generated by a change in magnetic flux according to Faraday's Law, the polarity of the induced emf is such that it produces a current whose magnetic field opposes the change which ...

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Electric motors involve rotating coils of wire which are driven by the magnetic force exerted by a magnetic field on an electric current. They transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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Magnetism and the San Francisco Bay area

An exploration of the earth's magnetic field and the links between magnetic anomalies and the geology of the San Francisco Bay area.

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Michael Faraday

Very brief biography Michael Faraday (1791-1867), the discoverer of electromagnetic induction.

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Electromagnets are usually in the form of iron core solenoids. The ferromagnetic property of the iron core causes the internal magnetic domains of the iron to line up with the smaller driving ...

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Earth's magnetic field

An article about the huge magnetic field that surrounds the Earth and stretches into space.

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Hall Effect

If an electric current flows through a conductor in a magnetic field, the magnetic field exerts a transverse force on the moving charge carriers which tends to push them to one side of the conductor. ...

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