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Global Greenhouse

A simple experiment to find out how the earth's atmosphere traps the sun's heat. Requires little equipment and safe for all ages.

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How does a toaster work?

A clear, basic explanation that applies to other household appliances that heat up (hair dryer, iron electric heater).

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Firewalking Myth vs Physics

A quirky example of heat insulation. It emphasises the difference between thermal energy and temperature. Includes video clips.

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A brief history of thermometers

A great explanation how Gabriel Fahrenheit, Anders Celsius and Lord Kelvin came to their own conclusions when it came to measuring heat and cold.

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Animated Engines

Impressive animations of a wide range of different types of heat engine - internal combustion, steam and stirling and - with detailed explanations

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A general explanation of the mechanical equivalent of heat and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, text only.

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Radiation Heat Transfer

Page giving the Stephan-Boltzman radiation equation.

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Phonons and the Debye Specific Heat

Explanation of phonons and topics surrounding this.

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How does heat energy move - Energy transfers

A good explanation of radiation, convection and conduction.

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The site gives details of the different forms of energy ( Light, Heat, Sound, Chemical, Kinetic, Potential, Nuclear) and their sources.

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