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Ripple Tank Simulation

An online simulation of waves in a ripple tank. See what happens when you add more than one source, sources of different frequencies, walls, moving sources.

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This is What Happens When You Run Water Through a 24hz Sine Wave

Surprising Images and a video of what happens when you match sound waves with the same frequency as a camera.

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The term harmonic has a precise meaning - that of an integer (whole number) multiple of the fundamental frequency of a vibrating object.

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The Frequency and Wavelength of Light

How and why photons are emitted from an atom by electrons changing energy level and incorporates the wave equation and Planck's constant.

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AC generator

A diagram on which you can adjust the frequency of rotation. You can them observe the voltage induced on an analogue meter, and an oscilloscope screen. Good description of the slip ring.

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Waves and wave motion

An introduction to longitudinal and transverse waves, and period and frequency.

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Straw Oboes - Physics to go

An experiment from our Physics To Go series about sound and frequency. All you need is a straws and scissors.

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Atomic Clock

Very accurate clocks can be constructed by locking an electronic oscillator to the frequency of an atomic transition.

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What is sound?

A basic explanation of sound: what it is, how it travels, how you characterise sounds (frequency, wavelegth and intensity) and how they are made.

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Wave parts

Allows students to look at descriptions of amplitude, wavelength and frequency on a sinusoidal wave. A diagram accompanies each description.

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