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Escape Velocity

Description of calculation to find an escape velocity such as for an object launched from earth to avoid orbit.

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An introduction to the concept of velocity.

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Positive Velocity and Positive Acceleration

Shows, by means of simple animation, the displacement time, velocity time, and acceleration time graphs for an object moving with positive velocity and positive acceleration.

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Group Velocity and Phase Velocity

An applet and paragraphs on Group and Phase velocity.

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Doppler Physlet

Vary the velocity and notice the wavelength shift ahead of and behind the source. A shock wave, i.e., sonic boom, can be seen to form if the speed of the source is comparable to the phase velocity.

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Escape Velocity Calculator

Use this site to find the velocity for a body to escape orbit.

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Relative Velocity

Simulation of relative velocity, with varying frames of reference.

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Displacement-Time Graph and Velocity-Time Graph

This simulation shows two graphs where the user can vary initial displacement, velocity and acceleration and see the corresponding changes to the Displacement-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs.

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Moo motion

Using a simple interface and a cow on roller skates! This demonstration allows users to alter the initial position of the cow, its initial velocity and acceleration. The results are displayed by ...

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Speed and velocity

Page explaining speed and velocity, and the difference between the two.

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