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Thin Lens and mirrors

Java applet ray diagram to show image formation with thin lenses or mirrors. The focal length and object distance can be changed.

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Ray tracing for thin lenses

A java applet of ray tracing through a converging or diverging thin lens

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Interference Experiments

A nice page explaining the various properties of wave interference effects.

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Interference (Applet)

Allows production of interference patterns by moving applets with a mouse.

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Wave interference

Java applet showing constructive and destructive interference between two longitudinal waves, the wavelength and amplitude of each of which can be altered by the user.

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Interference of Sinusoidal Waveforms

A little program to show the product of interference of 2 waves. The simulation allows the user to vary the wave amplitude and frequency. This is a good very simple to use tool!

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Interference or Refraction?

The mathematics of refraction in materials with non-uniform optical densities leading to path differences and interference.

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Interference of Light Waves

Animated diagrams of two superposing transverse waves and their resultant. Wavelength, phase and amplitude are adjustable. Uses the word "interference" instead of "superposition".

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Interference between two waves (point source)

This java applet let you play with two point sources and watch the effect of interference. Wavelength can be changed and path length is shown.

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How Photographic Film Works

A brief description of how Photographic Film works from

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