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Engineer Designs Mug to Keep Coffee Temperature Just Right

A newly designed mug promises to keep your tea or coffee at just the right temperature for longer, exploiting the physics of specific heat capacity.

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A discussion of temperature and how it is defined.

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Weather and Temperature Scales

A short essay style piece from the BBC on the different temperature scales that exist.

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Temperature - A Beginner's Guide

A quick guide to measuring temperature and the history of thermometry.

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Temperature Scales

A short explanation of the three main temperature scales and conversion aid.

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Feedback and Temperature Control

A site designed to explain feedback in an analogue electric circuit. It uses a simulation of an oven temperature control system to aid understanding.

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Absolute zero

Great page with lots of information about the race to reach the lowest temperature ever, with lots more information and animations about temperature.

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Temperature effect on atomic motion

You can move the cursor up and down to see the effect of increasing temperature on the speed of particle motion.

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Hops and temperature in brewing your ale

Physicist Rik Sargent chats to Andy from Redemption Brewing about why temperature is important in brewing a good beer. They also discuss hops and how they work efficiently by incorporating physics ...

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Black body

This site allows the temperature of the Black Body applet to be set in two ways. The applet will then show you the spectrum and the apparent color of the object. Temperature can also be related to ...

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