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Space Sense

Multiple choice questions about outer space at three levels. Requires some knowledge of NASA missions as well as Earth and Space knowledge.

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Dragon Fly Space

Multimedia magazine containing space topics such as Life on Mars, the Solar System, Earth moon, Sun system and links to other space websites

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Jonathan's Space Report

The Space Report is issued about once a week. It describes all space launches, including both piloted missions and automated satellites. Back issues are available online

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NASA Space Place

Space place is a fun site all about space, with games, activities and cool facts.

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Living in Space

This NASA site gives you the lowdown on what it's like to be an astronaut living in space. Check out the contents of an astronaut's lunch box, see the latest space clothes and find out where ...

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Space Weather

A page about a NASA movie explaining space weather from generation at the sun to how space weather interacts with the Earth.

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Space Science Photo of the Week

Space science images from the European Space Agency. Updated every week.

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Women in Space: Judith Resnik

A profile of Judith Resnik, the second American woman in space and the first Jewish woman in space, who died tragically on the Challenger mission.

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Why Space?

Why should we spend millions on space exploration when the money could be spent here on earth? This is one answer to this.

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