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Space Telescope Science Institute

Astronomy resources with digitalized sky survey, spectra of nearby galaxies, star catalogues and Hubble images.

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Why is the Sky Blue?

A short and simple description to a common question - Why is the Sky Blue? - The blue color of the sky is a result of sunlight passing through and interacting with the atmosphere.

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Explore the Sea and the Sky

Pictures and information on the sea animals and the space. Very colourful site. Good for downloading pictures.

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Tonight's sky

See the stars from the comfort of home. This monthly stargazing video guide keeps you informed about constellations, deep sky objects, planets, and events.

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The color of the sky

A simple explanation of why the sky appears blue when the sun is high and red at sunset. A brief description is given of a home experiment to demonstrate the effect.

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Astronomy for kids

A fun site that offers lots of simple information, games and sky maps. Great way to get started on astronomy.

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The National Schools' Observatory

A useful astronomy site for teachers or the general public. The site contains a moving orrery and the sky on any night selected.

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The Society for Popular Astronomy

This astronomical society provides a good daily sky map and information on the latest astronomy news.

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The Night Sky

This page shows you what to look out for in the night sky whether using a telescope or the naked eye. It also has good advice if you are thinking of buying a telescope or binoculars.

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Journey to a black hole

Interactive site where you can search the sky for black holes using different telescopes and take a virtual trip to see a black hole up close.

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