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Your sky map

Excellent site allowing you to customise sky maps for own location and date. Outstanding site: very useful for observing the sky.

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Mr Mallon's Physics site

Wide ranging site aimed at 11-16 year olds by a Scottish teacher.

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The Physics of Levitron

This site, although a commercial site, has an excellent explanation of how levitrons operate prepared by Sir Michael Berry.

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Brain Pop

Fun multimedia site with links to all aspects of science. Good site but requires subscription, although there is a free trial.

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The Invention of the Airplane

A comprehensive searchable site devoted to the history of aviation. The site has an excellent database on aeroplanes.

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The National Schools' Observatory

A useful astronomy site for teachers or the general public. The site contains a moving orrery and the sky on any night selected.

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The Chemical Potential

Site is one of a series relating to advanced level chemistry and physics topics. Very neat site, with many clear links and references in text.

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Levitation Melting

A company site describing a technique for producing small quantities of conducting material. This is a good applied physics site especially when discussing electromagnetic induction

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Amusement Park Physics

A site all about the Physics behind rollercoaster and fairground rides including some interactive pages. An excellent site.

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Welcome to the Planets

A site containing lots of images of the planets in the solar system and the machines used to take the pictures. This site also contains a comprehensive glossary of space terms.

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Showing 11 - 20 of 761