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Third from the Sun: Geographical features as seen from space

The use of satellites to give information about our planet. The history of gathering information and how satellites have increased our ability to do this.

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How Satellites Work

A brief description of how Satellites work. Part of Marshall Brain's

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How Digital Radio Works

Satellite radio is poised to change the way we listen to music. Find out how digital radio gets from Earth to satellite to you!. From

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COBE Satellite

NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer satellite was launched to explore the cosmic microwave background radiation. It has discovered fluctuations in that radiation which are important to big bang ...

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Satellites and Space Probes

Answers to questions commonly asked about satellites and space probes.

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Heavens Above

Positions of satellites, views of the night sky, customized to location/time zone etc.

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Learning Zone

The place to learn using satellites to monitor the weather and climate from space.

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Video: Peeling Back the Ice of Antarctica

The underlying rock of the Antarctic that is scanned by satellites is revealed.

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How does GPS work?

More information on how GPS satellites calculate your location, from using accurate atomic clocks to ensuring enough coverage.

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Magnetic Reversals

Space weather effects on technology such as GPS, power systems, submarines, satellites, planes and more.

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