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Ohm's Law

Explanation of Ohm's law, the relationship between voltage, resistance and current intensity . Includes a calculator for solving basic problems.

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Ohm's law

A picture of a circuit in which you can change the resistance and voltage. You can see the result of your adjustment on a digital voltmeter, and millimeter. Includes a statement and description of ...

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Multimeter VOM

Java applet showing use of multimeter to measure resistance, current, p.d.

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Falling Parachutes and Air Resistance 1

A simulation of a mass falling under the influence of gravity while attached to a parachute.

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Phun Physics

2D physics engine that provides the ability to create objects and see how they react to things such as gravity and air resistance etc.

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A java applet using several configurations of resistors in parallel, in series or the combination of both and changing the individual resistance.

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Viscous Resistance

If an object moves slowly through a liquid, it will experience a viscous drag which is approximately proportional to the velocity.

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Electric Resonance

Resonance in AC circuits implies a special frequency determined by the values of the resistance, capacitance and inductance.

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Norton's Theorem

Description of this theorem relating to resistance.

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The Physics of golf

Mechanics and dynamics as applied to golf including the different equipment and playing techniques used during the game, as well as other conditions such as wind/air resistance.

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