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Guide to radioactive waste resources online.

Visit RadWaste.Org



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Half life is the amount of time it takes for half of the atoms in a sample to decay. Find out more here.

Visit Halflife



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Hyperphysics - Cobalt-60

Decay of Cobalt-60, history and non conservation of parity.

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Information on the electromagnetic radiation from the nucleus as a part of a radioactive process.

Visit Gamma-Rays



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Hyperphysics - Beta Radioactivity

Description of beta decay with energy spectrum and discussion of positron, with good links to other sites.

Visit Hyperphysics - Beta Radioactivity



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Search Escalates for Key to Why Matter Exists

Search for the neutrino-less double beta decay would reveal more about our models of particle physics.

Visit Search Escalates for Key to Why Matter Exists



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Nuclear Wallet Cards

A booklet presenting selected properties (atomic number, spin, parity, half life, decay mode) of all known nucleides and their known isomeric states

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Hyperphysics - Radioactivity

Description of origin and uses of gamma radiation, other radioactive processes, with good links t further info.

Visit Hyperphysics - Radioactivity



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IceCube The Next Generation of Neutrino Astronomy

The IceCube Observatory will be looking for neutrinos. Buried under over a 1km of ice, the detector will be looking for flashes of light from the decay of neutrinos.

Visit IceCube The Next Generation of Neutrino Astronomy



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Bananas are radioactive

Short article on why bananas give off relatively high amounts of ionising radiation.

Visit Bananas are radioactive



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