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How Light Works

A simple introduction to what light is, touching on particle wave duality and other aspects of light. From

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Light: a learning unit

Lots of information about light, colour and the history of lighting from Edison's light bulb to recent innovations.

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Auroras - paintings in the sky

A beautifully illustrated site with detailed but straightforward explanations of the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights ) phenomena with links and teachers' notes

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Bob Miller's Light Walk

An online exhibit and a set of activities to do with light and shadows. An explanation of how images are formed when light passes through a hole. Fairly low level physics but with general interest ...

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Micro maniac

Ever wondered what it would look like to microwave soap, wax crayons or even fairy lights? This virtual microwave lets you see the results without any of the mess.

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Sam's Fluorescent Lamp FAQ

A detailed description of fluorescent lights.

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Learn Physics Today

This web site is designed to teach the fundamentals of physics. Lessons deal with Mechanics, Lights and Waves, and Electricity, with quizzes to test yourself.

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See the Light

What is light? all about light, its properties, colours and optics.

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Speed of light

Info on the speed of light, and how quickly it travels through water, air or diamond. Also contains a good overview of historical measurements of the speed of light.

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The Shadow Knows (Shadows and Light)

Lesson plan, worksheet and links sites that give information about both light and Science in general. Objectives: Understand that the angle and position of the light source are the major factors ...

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