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Orbit Velocity

This site takes you through the calculation of an orbit velocity.

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Where, oh where, does that planet go?

An elementary quiz based on the position and orbits of the planets.

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Syncom Satellite

Communication satellites are most valuable when they stay above the same point on the earth, in what are called "geostationary orbits".

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Anomalous Precessions

The precession of the orbits of inner planets, especially Mercury, cannot be accurately described by Newtonian theory but are in close agreement with general relativity.

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Create your own universe

Play with gravity in this fantastic simulator. Add stars and see how they move and orbit

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Gravity - From apples to orbits

Comprehensive site all about gravity , its effects and the history of our understanding of gravity.

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Solar system 3D

Explore our solar system with this beautiful 3D interactive which shows the orbits of the planets, distances, etc (requires flash).

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My solar system

Build your own solar system in this flash simulation with stars, planets and moons, and see what weird and wonderful orbits you can create.

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Challenging the Space Frontier

Explore the stories of three exciting space missions: "Friendship 7" - John Glenn Orbits the Earth; "Apollo 11" - First Moon Landing and "STS-7" - First American Woman in Space.

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Solar system visualiser

Visit this interactive site to explore the orbits of planets and their moons in our solar system and also in a wide selection of extrasolar planetary systems.

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