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High Flux Isotope Reactor Facility

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is home to the Spallation Neutron Source and the High Flux Isotope Reactor, two of the most advanced neutron research facilities in the world.

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Compton Scattering

Arthur H. Compton observed the scattering of x-rays from electrons in a carbon target and found scattered x-rays with a longer wavelength than those incident upon the target.

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Hyperphysics - Nuclear Scattering Cross Section

Theory of nuclear scattering cross section and relation to Rutherford's gold foil experiment.

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Deep Inelastic Scattering

A clear brief explanation of deep inelastic scattering with diagrams.

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Hyperphysics - Neutrons

Structure and stability of the neutron with good links to other relevant parts of the site.

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This page explain what polarisation is, and how light can be polarised using filters, reflection, refraction or scattering.

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Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics

Home website for the JINR (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) containing links to reference notes, reactors and accelerators in Russia.

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Why the sky is blue

A brief and detailed explanation of why the sky is blue, touching on Rayleigh scattering, the wavelength of light and how our eyes work.

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Scattering of light

How light is scattered in the atmosphere, explained simply.

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The discovery of pulsars

How pulsars were discovered by accident in 1967 by student Jocelyn Bell Burnell, and more information on pulsars and neutron stars.

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