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Astrophysics - Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

Encyclopaedia of astronomy. Clear and accessible explanation of technical subjects using mathematics.

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A very detailed site containing many of the concepts and theories surrounding physics and applied mathematics. All the information is presented in text form with lots of equations!

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Young's Double Slit Experiment

This site shows the mathematics behind this famous experiment.

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Radial Paths in Schwarzschild Spacetime

A page detailing the mathematics involved in Schwarzchild Spacetime.

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The Hall Effect

Mathematics of Hall voltages and measurement of sheet density and mobility of charge carriers.

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Plus magazine - maths

Plus is an internet magazine which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.

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Maths solves problem of wobbly tables

Mathematics shows that turning a wobbly table 90 degrees will steady it.

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Imaginary Explanations

The peculiar aspects of quantum spin measurements in EPR-type experiments can be regarded as a natural extension of the principle of special relativity. This article looks at the mathematics of this ...

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Nuclear Physics Applications

A very basic guide from the ThinkQuest competition covering a number of topics. Has no mathematics but good for reactor diagrams and the medicine topic covers treatments.

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Beginner's Guide to Rockets

Contains material to show the basic mathematics and physics which govern the design and flight of rockets, and tips on how to build your own model rocket.

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