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How Lasers Work

A thorough description of the physics and applications of lasers from

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Helium-Neon Laser

The most common and inexpensive gas laser is the helium-neon laser and it is usually constructed to operate in the red region of light.

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HiPER is a proposed European High Power laser Energy Research facility dedicated to demonstrating the feasibility of laser driven fusion as a future energy source. Read all about laser fusion and its ...

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Atom-Light interactions and lasers

A short page dealing with the atomic explanation of lasers. Although brief and lacking detail there is a good little applet which shows what happens when an excited atom is struck by a photon.

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The stimulated emission of light is the crucial quantum process necessary for the operation of a laser.

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It's the laser's 50th birthday! Discover what the laser's done for you and find out what's going on near you to celebrate.

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Laser Cooling

Shining light on something usually makes it hotter not colder... but not always. Find out here how you can cool things with a laser

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Lasers find distant hidden explosives

Scientists can use lasers to find explosives in containers from a distance. They rely on using spectroscopy from the light scattered back. This is similar to the process they use to test the quality ...

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Curiosity Mars rover blasts first rock with laser

The Curiosity rover conducts its first analysis of the chemical composition of rocks on Mars by firing a laser at rocks. The laser uses spectroscopy to measure what the rock is made of.

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Dye Laser

Eximer is a shortened form of "excited dimer", denoting the fact that the lasing medium in this type of laser is an excited diatomic molecule.

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