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Do we need the telephone?

Very interesting section about the telephone from the National Museum of Science and Industry covering intriguing history points.

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The simple pendulum

Excellent animations proving assorted points about the simple harmonic motion approximation for pendulums.

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Math Hunt: Outer Space

Maths quiz where you choose a topic to learn about, win points by solving math problems.

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Fermat Principle

The path of a ray of light between two points is the path that minimizes the travel time. This java applet lets you visualize the above statement. Useful for college level students and those study ...

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A great starting point for learning about nuclear fusion physics, plasma and tokamaks.




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Syncom Satellite

Communication satellites are most valuable when they stay above the same point on the earth, in what are called "geostationary orbits".

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Mirror Game

The challenge is to move a reflected dot within a path width to another point on the screen. It is easier to do than describe!

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Electrostatic Potential Applet

An interactive multimedia site that allow for charges at any point in a field strength is measure.

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While the driver with an airbag may experience the same average impact force as the driver with a good seatbelt, the airbag exerts an equal pressure on all points.

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The Elegant Universe - String Theory

Related to a TV programme on string theory, contains a lot of fascinating information including interviews and different view points. Also has a good table summarising subatomic particles and some ...

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