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Gravitational Fields

A good revision page for UK A Level, covers topics such as field strength and shapes, potential energy and escape velocity.

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Proper Time in Circular Orbits

Orbits in gravitational fields

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What is weight?

A blog post looking at the difference between gravitational force and weight.

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A program which models the gravitational effects of different bodies in different systems. This program is simple and shows the effect of gravity very well.

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A Polarizing Discovery About the Big Bang!

Minutephysics looks at how polarised light in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) gave rise to the discovery of gravitational waves.

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Gravitational Acceleration in Schwarzschild Coordinates

Derivation of acceleration for a particle in a radial orbit in Schwarzchild geometry which, surprisingly, depends on its trajectory.

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Einstein Online

A great site about Einstein's ideas with lots of information on special and general relativity, cosmology, gravitational waves, black holes.


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Black Hole Pong

Use the gravitational attraction of black holes to divert the path of stars in this adapted game of pong.

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Gravitational Lens

Since light is bent by a gravity field according to general relativity, there is a possibility of focusing effects like that of a lens when there is a large collection of mass near the path of the ...

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Hyperphysics - Mossbauer Effect

Description of the Mossbauer effect and absorption in Ir-191, with application to gravitational red shift.

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