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Einstein Light: Einstein's Theory of Relativity

A fantastic interactive introduction to relativity, covering everything from the background to e=mc2 and special relativity.

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Special relativity

Textbook style pages giving details of the postulates of special relativity, Lorentz transforms, The Twin Paradox, and a history of special relativity.

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What is a Chemical Engineer?

What is chemical engineering and how did it develop? A general historical perspective. The site contains general background for teachers and general information for students. Non technical.

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What is Gravity Probe B?

Stanford University's website about Gravity Probe B. An experiment to test two unverified theories of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. Very easy to understand!

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Gravitational Lens

Since light is bent by a gravity field according to general relativity, there is a possibility of focusing effects like that of a lens when there is a large collection of mass near the path of the ...

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Light and Matter

A set of introductory physics textbooks that can be downloaded free covering Newtonian Physics, Conservation Laws, Vibrations and Waves, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern physics and general ...

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Relativity for Preschoolers

A look at the way Einstein his papers about relativity in a way that could be understood by children.

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Relativity Tutorial

An illustrated introductory guide to relativity covering a wide range of topics. You may need to scroll down a way to find what you want but simply set out.

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The Great Relativity Show

Lovely video presentation of Einstein's ideas; a fabulous way to learn about special relativity. Needs Quicktime

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The Light Cone - Relativity

this is a very large site about theories of space-time and relativity. There is a lot of information here, presented in a fairly accessible way with good summary tables and illustrations.

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