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What is turbulence?

Short description of turbulence, a common feature in fluids and what you sometimes experience on flights.

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NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center

News from the Goddard Space Flight Centre, home to scientists, engineers and technologists that build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study the Earth, the sun, our solar system, and the ...

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What Is Supersonic Flight?

NASA's guide to supersonic flight

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Hindenburg (LZ-119)

At 803.8 feet in length, the German passenger airship Hindenburg (LZ-119) was the largest aircraft ever to fly. The commercial flights of Hindenburg, along with Graf Zeppelin, pioneered the first ...

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Dynamics of Flight

A good introduction site about how airplanes fly

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Science Fun with Airplanes

Covers basic flight ideas with simulations and questions. Some parts in pdf format.

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Fundamentals of flight

A great introductory guide to aeronautics, with info on how air flows over an object and how things fly.

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Bumblebee Flight Does Not Violate the Laws of Physics

This article debunks the myth that bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly because of their shape.

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The physics of slowly spinning soccer ball flight

A new research paper has revealed the seams of the football are important for spin.

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Allstar Network

History and principles of flight, and careers in aeronautics. Provided at three different levels approximately age 14 to undergraduate. Section for teachers is US-based.

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