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Optics Applet

This applet allows users to simulate standard optic elements (lens, mirror, dielectrics, sources, apertures) and observe the ways that light rays propagate through these elements.

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Atomic Spectra Databases

The database contains data for transitions and energy levels in atoms and atomic ions, including transitions of 99 elements and energy levels of 51 elements.

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Periodic table of the elements

An interactive periodic table of the elements

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Fuse your way to iron. Be careful, there's one element you should avoid!

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Liquid Helium

Kamerlingh Onnes worked for many years to liquify the element which persisted as a gas to the lowest temperature.

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Magnetic Formulas

A small web site devoted to the vanishing art of practical magnet design without FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

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For a given circuit element, the admittance is just the reciprocal of the impedance.

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What are fullerenes

Until 1985, the chemical element Carbon was only known to exist in two forms - diamond and graphite. This changed when physicists discovered an entirely new form of carbon - the fullerene molecule.

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Where did we come from?

A short video explaining how the elements that make up everything were created inside giant stars and what nuclear pasta is.

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An Interactive Periodic Table

A clickable periodic table that gives detailed element information on the history of its discovery, sources, as well as its compounds, isotopes and uses.

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