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When energetic charged particles enter the earth's atmosphere from the solar wind, they tend to be channeled toward the poles by the magnetic force.

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Magnetic flip

Comprehensive information on geomagnetic reversal, or how the Earth's poles could flip .

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Magnetic Flux

Magnetic flux is the product of the average magnetic field times the perpendicular area that it penetrates.

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IMAGE - Auroral science

Information about the earth's magnetic field, solar wind, the magnetosphere, Van Allen belts and space weather from NASA's IMAGE mission.

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Magnetic field Demonstration

An interactive practical demonstration of a magnetic force on a current carrying wire and the change cause when the magnetic field is introduced.

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Birds of a feather land together

Birds align with the the Earth's magnetic field when they come in to land according to some new research.

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Earth and Moon viewer

An interactive site where images of the Earth or the Moon can be viewed from positions in space. An extremely useful tool to see day/night divisions on Earth.

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When the Moon Becomes Earth's Nemesis

The moon affect the Earth in many ways including the tides but also pulling on land. Where on the Earth this happens is also not as straightforward as you might think.

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Earth sunlight calculator

Allows a view of the Earth showing where night and day is. Users can alter the view of the Earth to show different countries.

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Magnetic Field

Magnetic fields are produced by electric currents, which can be macroscopic currents in wires, or microscopic currents associated with electrons in atomic orbits. The magnetic field B is defined in ...

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