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Your 7-Step Guide to the Shadow Universe

A 7 point guide to dark matter and dark energy.

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Does Dark Matter affect the motion of the Solar System?

A little exploration to see whether dark matter would affect the motion of our solar system.

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Missions in space-time

Nature Video presents five short films on the future of physics, capturing the conversations between young researchers and physics Laureates. Join them as they grapple with universal ideas including ...

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Perimeter Explorations site

The Perimeter Institute

A selection of resources about theoretical physics, including an amazing video all about dark matter, a mysterious substance that makes up most of our universe yet which we know very little about...

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Physics at CERN

Read about the areas CERN is researching from dark matter to supersymmetry to black holes.

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Cosmology FAQ

A long lisit of cosmology questions, dealing with subjects such as the Big Bang, dark matter, black holes, the expanding universe.

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The Universe Adventure

This fantastic site deals with cosmology : the study of the structure, history, and fate of the Universe. It's the place to go whether you want to know more about dark matter, how our universe formed ...


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Air Matters

A simple experiment to weigh air.

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How does glow-in-the-dark stuff work?

An explanation of how glow in the dark objects get their eerie shine.

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Hacking Matter

Website of a book by science writer, Will McCarthy, about 'programmable matter'.

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