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Third from the Sun: Geographical features as seen from space

The use of satellites to give information about our planet. The history of gathering information and how satellites have increased our ability to do this.

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BT Connected Earth homepage thumbnail

BT Connected Earth

An online museum about our ongoing quest to communicate better, from the first simple messages to today's sophisticated global communications.

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How Satellites Work

A brief description of how Satellites work. Part of Marshall Brain's

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How Digital Radio Works

Satellite radio is poised to change the way we listen to music. Find out how digital radio gets from Earth to satellite to you!. From

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COBE Satellite

NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer satellite was launched to explore the cosmic microwave background radiation. It has discovered fluctuations in that radiation which are important to big bang ...

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Satellites and Space Probes

Answers to questions commonly asked about satellites and space probes.

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The Future of Cars

A series of articles on future car technology from Arstechnica, covering in car computing, dealing with traffic jams and wireless communication.

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1842: Jean-Daniel Colladon guides light with water

The same principle that makes fibre optic cables work and that all modern communication rely on, was first demonstrated in 1842.

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Inofrmation on infrared (IR), a broad range of frequencies, beginning at the top end of those frequencies used for communication and extending up the the low frequency (red) end of the visible ...

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