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A page on the various means of removing caffeine from coffee.

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Laser Cooling

Shining light on something usually makes it hotter not colder... but not always. Find out here how you can cool things with a laser

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How is BEC made?

It took 70 years to realise Einstein's concept of Bose-Einstein condensation in a gas. It was first accomplished by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman in 1995. They did it by cooling atoms to a much lower ...

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The Physics Factbook

This site compiles all sorts of facts and figures, ranging from ordinary to downright bizarre. So whether you want to find out the best temperature for brewing coffee or the diameter of a snowflake, ...

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The Hot Chocolate Effect

If you stir a freshly poured cup of instant coffee or hot chocolate, the sound of your spoon clinking against the side of the cup rises in pitch. Why?

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Drinks Cooler - Marvin and Milo

A Marvin and Milo activity about evaporation and cooling. All you need is a two small plastic bottles, kitchen paper, sticky tape, drinking water at room temperature.

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Salty Straws - Marvin and Milo

A Marvin and Milo activity about density. All you need is two small cups tea or coffee, two straws, salt and a friend.

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