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Physics in Action

Physicscentral takes you to a frontier area of physics every week. After a short introduction to the basic science involved, we give you a taste of the current research in the field.

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Orrery: The Solar System In Action

Site giving information about the solar system, including individual planets, comets, asteroids and meteorites.

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Amazing Aerogel: Eight Looks at the Ghostly Supermaterial in Action

A look at the amazing strength and heat insulation properties of aerogel.

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Welcome to the Pressure Chamber

In this series of experiments, you will control the action of a piston in a pressure chamber which is filled with an ideal gas.

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Drinking bird

Without any external energy provided, how can this little toy bird keep repeating its action of drinking water?The essential physics of a popular 'executive toy' explained. Good illustrations.

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Google's driverless car

Would you trust a car that drives itself? The TED video shows Google's driverless car in action.

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Venturi tube Simulator

A mini program that uses a Venturi tube to show the effect of the Bernoulli equation. A simple yet very informative site which clearly shows Bernoulli's principle in action.

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Induction motor action

Induction motors use shorted wire loops on a rotating armature and obtain their torque from currents induced in these loops by the changing magnetic field produced in the field coils.

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Sir Owen Richardson

Sir Owen Richardson (1879 - 1959) worked on thermionics, photoelectric effects, magnetism, the emission of electrons by chemical action, the theory of electrons, the quantum theory, the spectrum of ...

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