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How Black Holes Work

Explains the nature of "Black Holes" and how we can detect them. From

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Black Hole

A mathematical description of a black hole.

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Falling Into and Hovering Near a Black Hole

Considers an observer hovering just outside the event horizon of a black hole, and the acceleration of gravity experienced. Also looks at an object falling through the event horizon.

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Physics at CERN

Read about the areas CERN is researching from dark matter to supersymmetry to black holes.

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Science Matters!

A question and answer forum on new science, covering pulsars, black holes, the big bang and more.

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Gas Disks

Images and text relating to the discovery of a massive black hole at the centre of the M87 Galaxy. Images from the Hubble Space Telescope are visible

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Cosmology FAQ

A long lisit of cosmology questions, dealing with subjects such as the Big Bang, dark matter, black holes, the expanding universe.

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Black Holes: What Happens to a Star When It Dies

A star exists in a delicate balance between the crushing force of gravity, on the one hand, and the push of incredibly hot gases on the other.

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Einstein Online

A great site about Einstein's ideas with lots of information on special and general relativity, cosmology, gravitational waves, black holes.


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Build Your Own Star – Virtual Experiment

Create your own star and watch its life play out. Can you create a black hole?

Visit Build Your Own Star – Virtual Experiment



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