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Atom - The Incredible World

Takes a historical approach to discoveries related to the atom. There is a lot of text with diagrams and colour pictures.

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Little Atoms

Little Atoms is a talk show based around ideas of the Enlightenment, frequently discussing science and physics.

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This is a fun JAVA site simulating physics with virtual atoms.

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The Discovery and Research on the Atom

A description of some of the important developments in understanding the atom an its constituents. Some parts of the site are very mathematical and go beyond college level physics.

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Schroedinger's Atom

A page explaining Schroedinger's model of atomic structure, with nice graphics showing the wave nature of electrons around the atom.

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One-dimensional one-atom gas

This is a very simple model of a gas. Here, a single atom bounces elastically in a one-dimensional cavity. It will continue to bounce at the same speed forever if the piston does not move.

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Atom-Light interactions and lasers

A short page dealing with the atomic explanation of lasers. Although brief and lacking detail there is a good little applet which shows what happens when an excited atom is struck by a photon.

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Bohr Atom

This site demonstrates Bohr model of the hydrogen atom.

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How Atom Smashers Work

A brief description of how Atom Smashers -or particle colliders - like the LHC work. From

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Splitting the Atom

A summary of James Chadwick's career.

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