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Online astronomy course

An astronomy course full of useful information and images.

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Astronomy workshop.

Useful introductory information and activities on astronomy.

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History of Space Science and Astronomy

The History of Space Science and Astronomy includes a huge amount of information on: The Millennium - A Space and Astronomy Timeline; Man-in-Space Firsts ; Space Factoids

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National Optical Astronomy Observatory

A site designed to make the work of NOAO more accessible to students and teachers, with general information about astronomy, and educational materials

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Greek Astronomy

This site gives access to some high quality pictures and maps from original books on Greek Astronomy.

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The Society for Popular Astronomy

This astronomical society provides a good daily sky map and information on the latest astronomy news.

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How to teach... astronomy

An article from the Guardian Teacher Network jam packed with ideas on how to teach astronomy for all ages.

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Astronomy Interactive Network

A series of articles about radio and optical astronomy. The site also deals with 'Big Bang' cosmology. The interactive sections include quizzes and games.

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World of Astronomy

Astronomy information based around a series of search areas. A fast page with a great deal of information of a high standard, available via links to other pages on the same site.

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Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The ASP's mission-based astronomy and space science education and public outreach activities work to promote science literacy through the enjoyment of astronomy.

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