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Simple Flying Machines Theme Page

Information about model hot air balloons, kites and paper airplanes. Includes teacher demonstrations, experiments and instructions for making models.

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Bell Jar

Fun demonstration of air pressure with shaving foam and a vacuum pump.

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Every cloud has a filthy lining

An article talking about the role microscopic particles in the air play in helping clouds form.

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Air Conditioning

A text based explanation of air conditioning.

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Resonances of open air columns

Pictorial description of waves in pipes. Includes ability to input information and obtain frequencies. Shows applications in musical instruments.

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Applied thermodynamics

Describes the laws of thermodynamics, and applications such as gas turbines and air conditioning with definitions of related terms.

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Air Track Simulator

This applet simulates collisions in one dimension. Users can change variables of mass, elasticity and initial speeds of masses on an air track.

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Scientific Slugger

This program shows has a baseball moves through the air after being hit. . A nice little program which could lead on to more complex discussions of projectiles.

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Speed of light

Info on the speed of light, and how quickly it travels through water, air or diamond. Also contains a good overview of historical measurements of the speed of light.

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Virtual Air Track Java Applet

Elastic and inelastic collisions on a linear air track

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