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First particle-antiparticle collider now historic site

The European Physical Society has declared the construction site of the Anello di Accumulazione collider in Frascati, Italy, a significant site in physics history.

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The Very Large Telescope (VLT)

Page on ESO's Very Large Telescope, the world's most advanced visible-light astronomical observatory.

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How Atom Smashers Work

A brief description of how Atom Smashers -or particle colliders - like the LHC work. From

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Celebrate Pi Day!

A resource that gives a large number of links to all kinds of sites associated with Pi. Pi day is 14th March, 3/14 in American notation. A large number of links give access to material that can ...

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Fresnel Lens

Faced with the need to construct a large lens for a lighthouse of appropriate focal length, but unable to support the large weight of a double convex lens of that size, French physicist Augustin ...

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The cherry pie collider

A great article looking at the difference between the LHC and the ILC particle accelerators.

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BBC guide to the LHC

Come here for a down to earth introduction to the collider and its experiments, with videos and animations aplenty.

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Relativistic heavy ion collider

The particle accelerator, its construction, and some of the experiments running on it.

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Magnetism Demo

Instructions on how to make high magnetic fields without the need for large currents

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Fact Monster

A large collection of bite-sized facts on all areas of sience.

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