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The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center

Extensive site with results from the Chandra observatory satellite, press releases, multimedia content, and information on x-ray astronomy

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X-ray Diffraction

This undergraduate level tutorial shows how experimental techniques increase the amount of information available for x-ray diffraction pattern.

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Bragg Spectrometer

Description of x-ray diffraction with clear diagrams. Includes calculations.

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How does an x-ray machine work?

A brief explanation of an x-ray machine.

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Materials Science

Explains difference between different types of crystals and talks about various topics such as x-ray diffraction, microscopy and polymers.

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Shedding a New Light on the Universe

Great NASA website explaining x-ray and multiwavelength astronomy, including videos, lessons ideas and paper model of the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer satellite

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What is X-ray crystallography?

X-ray crystallography is the ability to see the internal structure of an object.

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