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Ask the Experts: Sound

Answers to users questions such as "What is the physics involved with breaking glass with your voice?" or "What is a sonic boom and how is it produced?"

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Can a singer's voice shatter glass? (resonance)

Find out the truth behind this claim in this article about acoustic resonance from scientific american.

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Physics in Speech

A very interesting page on speech that covers the workings of the vocal cords, including how helium affects the voice.

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How IP Telephony Works

A brief description of how Voice over Internet Protocol enables you to make phone calls using your internet connection. From

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Real-time MRI Study of Human Beatboxing

MRI videos and images reveal what the human voice box is doing when it replicates different sounds used in beatboxing.

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Basics in Music Acoustics

A thorough guide to music acoustics, covering general principles but also a detailed look at different musical instruments including the guitar, violin, didgeridoo and human voice.

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