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Pauli Exclusion Principle

No two electrons in an atom can have identical quantum numbers. This is an example of a general principle which applies not only to electrons but also to other particles of half-integer spin ...

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Archimedes (187 - 111 BC) was a native of Syracuse, Sicily. He is best known for his discovery of the relation between the surface and volume of a sphere and his formulation of a hydrostatic ...

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The Pauli Exclusion Principle

The Pauli exclusion principle was first proposed by Wolfgang Pauli. He guessed that two electrons can't be in the same quantum state in the same atom.

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Constants page

The fundamental physical constants are listed along with their uncertainty, including older and non-SI values.

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Archimedes' Principle

An explanation of Archimedes' principle.

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The elevator, the rocket, and gravity: the equivalence principle

An explanation of the equivalence principle and how it's applied to being in an elevator or a rocket and how it affects our understanding of gravity.

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Project Atomica

A brief overview of the principles of radioactivity.

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Witricity technology

A simple overview of the principles that wireless electricity relies upon.

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The Wave Theory of Sound

An introduction to the physical principles and applications of acoustics.

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Conservation Of Angular Momentum

A brief definition of this principle.

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