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Specular and diffuse reflection

An interactive ray diagram on which you can alter the colour of the object and the texture of the surface from which a spectrum of light is reflected.

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Absorption Spectra

Fraunhofer's observation of spectral lines was a complete accident. Find out more about the absorption spectrum here.

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The Glassmaker Who Sparked Astrophysics

A profile of Joseph von Fraunhofer who worked on the spectrum from the sun and laid the foundations for astrophysics.

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Hyperphysics - Beta Radioactivity

Description of beta decay with energy spectrum and discussion of positron, with good links to other sites.

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Magic Factory

Includes a number of games about light and colour - reflection, spectrum, speed of light, optical illusions and refraction. Teachers notes available.

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Uses of Waves

A series of summaries on uses of waves for the UK GCSE level. Covers topics such as sound waves and electromagnetic spectrum.

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Gondar Design Physics

This is a useful site for GCSE pupils to revise a wide range of topics, including energy, Diffusion, Electricity, Ohm's Law, Power, Decibel Watts, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Sine Waves, Hooke's ...

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A commercial site which aims to provide a broad spectrum of educational Internet services to teachers, students, parents, librarians and school administrators in the educational and public library ...

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Inofrmation on infrared (IR), a broad range of frequencies, beginning at the top end of those frequencies used for communication and extending up the the low frequency (red) end of the visible ...

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Spectral colours

In a rainbow or the separation of colors by a prism we see the continuous range of spectral colors (the visible spectrum).

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