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Einstein's Relativity - Curved spacetime

A page with good diagrams taking you through the thought processes behind Einstein's theory of relativity by thinking about elevators and rockets.

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Gravity Probe B: the Relativity Mission

Study material on gravity and relativity based on this mission - including detailed lesson plans and downloadable information sheets

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How Special Relativity Works

A brief description of how Special Relativity works.This site is part of Marshall Brain's

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Special Relativity Animations

This is an archive of Special Relativity Quicktime animations at the Australian National University

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Why does liquid mercury and Einstein’s theory of relativity fit together?

The liquid state of the element mercury was a big conundrum until Einstein's theory of relativity was incorporated into the calculations of the electrons.

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Refractions on Relativity

A very heavily mathematical chapter from a book.

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General Relativity

One of a series of informative chapters on the Foundations of Modern Cosmology.

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Basic information and links to pages on lots of related topics.

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Reflecting on the Geometric Mean

Mathematical essay on Space - time intervals in relativity

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General Relativity and Cosmology

A pdf document set out in note form which discusses topics such as the cosmological principle.

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