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Science Museums

An index of museums with links to museums own web sites. Useful for planning visits and viewing online exhibitions.

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Scattering Concepts

Index page within Hyperphysics site that leads to all pages on scattering topics including Rutherford Scattering.

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Magnetic Fields

Index from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics leading to information on lots of topics related to magnetic fields.

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This is an index page for topics related to power and explains the concept. Click on the bubbles to access the topics.

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Heat Transfer

An index page for lots of information relating to heat transfer topics such as conduction and convection.

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Electromagnetic Waves

From Eric Weisstein's World of Physics, this page is the index for all sections related to electromagnetic waves. A useful site for quick brief information

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U.S. Department of Energy

huge site from the US Department of Energy. Includes a vast amount of information and data in the field. Useful A-Z index and search facility.

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The Mineral Gallery

The site is a collection of clear and accurate mineral descriptions, images and specimens. Easy to use, clear index and search facilities.

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