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Refraction and Reflection

Java applet demonstrating Snell's law showing both reflected and refracted light rays.

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Reflection, Refraction & Diffraction

The site explains what happen to electromagnetic waves when it is transmitted and come in contact with a boundary.

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Double refraction

A simple and effective, interactive example of the birefringence of Iceland Spar, with a clear explanation of the effect.

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Refraction of Sound

An interesting page on how sound is refracted and examples of the effect this causes.

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Refraction of Light

This site aims to further our understanding of light and the rainbow.

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The vergence of light is defined by where n is the index of refraction of the medium and L is the distance in accordance with the Cartesian sign convention.

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Refraction and the Ray Model of Light

Useful information driven site which provides details on how light is refracted (including total internal reflection).

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Behold the marvel of nature that is a cloudbow

A cloudbow or an iridescent cloud is the beautiful effect caused by the refraction of sunlight through water droplets in clouds.

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Magic Factory

Includes a number of games about light and colour - reflection, spectrum, speed of light, optical illusions and refraction. Teachers notes available.

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Snell's Law

Applet showing refraction of light from medium 1 to medium 2. refractive indices and incident angle can be altered, and total internal reflection demonstrated.

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