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How Planets Form

A great site with animations and explanation of how planets form.

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The Nine Planets

Extensive overview of our solar system, covering history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of planets, moons, asteroids in our solar system, with many links.

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Exploring Planets in the Classroom

More than 15 hands-on science activities are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.

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How Do Planets Form?

A look at how Hubble has contributed to our knowledge of how planets form.

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Visit Ten things you don’t know about the Earth



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Jupiter Effect

Diagram showing forces of attraction with planet alignment.

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What Colour is the Red Planet, Really?

A blog post looking at how scientist adjust colours of scientific images.

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Explore Mars now

Take a virtual tour of a martian base and discover the technology that might be used to set up camp on the red planet

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When North goes South

Images and animations on how our planet's magnetic poles have flipped in the past, and how they may flip again.

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Visible Earth

A catalogue of satellite images of our home planet detailing everything from atmospheric data to city lights or natural disasters.

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