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Hyperphysics - Nuclear Scattering Cross Section

Theory of nuclear scattering cross section and relation to Rutherford's gold foil experiment.

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Optical tweezers

A fairly detailed explanation of optical tweezers and how they work.

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Deep Inelastic Scattering

A clear brief explanation of deep inelastic scattering with diagrams.

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Introduction to Optical Tweezers

An explanation of how optical tweezers work, and how to set up and calibrate your own. A quite detailed but clear introduction to this use of lasers.

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This page explain what polarisation is, and how light can be polarised using filters, reflection, refraction or scattering.

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Optical Fiber 101

A tutorial on Fibre Optics from the Corning Company.

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Bird in a cage

Two optical tricks and illusions based on mixing colours.

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Gray Step

An optical illusion relating to the way we perceive shades of grey.

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A practical demonstration of polarization in which unpolarized red light is passed through a optical bench

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Why the sky is blue

A brief and detailed explanation of why the sky is blue, touching on Rayleigh scattering, the wavelength of light and how our eyes work.

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