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Free-Fall Equations

The maths behind this concept.

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The 2013 Plus advent calendar

A little piece of maths goodness each day.

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Convert it.

Site for converting from one unit to another. Also includes a search engine for maths sites.

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Hits: 1254

The World of Mathematics

Comprehensive site all about maths covering geometry, graphs, probability and much more.

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Compass Project

Explore the ways maths and science link together with a series of interactive applets and problems.

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Hits: 820

On the importance of choosing a convenient basis

An advanced article on how the computer animation industry uses physics and maths.

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Hits: 512

eloquent logic - a world of physics and maths

A site using mathematical examples to explain the applications of physical principles.

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Hits: 2090

Very helpful site for school students (and teachers) that includes animated lessons. Covers sciences and maths.




Hits: 2668

Packing Universes In Spacetime

Every lightcone contains infinitely many nearly complete, mutually exclusive, lightcones. This page looks at the maths of this, and its use as a cosmological model.

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Women of NASA

The women of NASA website was developed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in math, science, and technology. It includes detailed staff profiles, chat and forum facilities, an events ...

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