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Interference between two waves (point source)

This java applet let you play with two point sources and watch the effect of interference. Wavelength can be changed and path length is shown.

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Thin film interference

About thin film interference, and how it demonstrates that light is a wave.

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Ripple Physlet

This applet shows interference effects with waves.

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Classic Two slits experiment

A java applet that animates wave interference behavior.

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Suggestions for classroom demonstrations on topics including interference and Doppler shift.

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Interference of Light Waves

Simulation involving Young's slits where the variables can be adjusted.

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Why are butterflies coloured?

Interference and micro structures on butterfly wings cause them to be different colours. Find out how they work.

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Squealing Wall

An often used demo using laser light to produce an interference pattern by reflection off a moving surface.

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Why is petrol / oil in water colourful?

An answer from about thin film interference, whic explains why you see rainbow colours in oil.

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The physics of a popping bubble were never so gorgeous

Beautiful patterns on colour formed on bubbles caused by the interference of light waves.

Visit The physics of a popping bubble were never so gorgeous



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