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Fowler's Physics

Various applets allowing results to be taken for demonstration purposes.

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Magnetic field Demonstration

An interactive practical demonstration of a magnetic force on a current carrying wire and the change cause when the magnetic field is introduced.

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Line Rider

A fun toy that lets you build a sledge run and then test it out. You'll need a good feel for the laws of motion to get results!

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EField allows users to simulate the motion of charged particles moving under the influence of electric fields. A static magnetic field in the z direction is also allowed .

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Seeking the Cosmic Dawn

A look at the results from BICEP2 detector in the south pole which gives evidence for inflation happening at the start of the universe.

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What causes Earth’s magnetic field?

A quick explanation of the process that causes the Earth's magnetic field.

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Magnetic movie

The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries in this sci-art film.

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The Sun’s Magnetic Field Is About to Reverse

Every 11 years the direction of the Sun's magnetic field flips. This article outlines what we expect to observe and experience here on Earth when it does change direction.

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Micro maniac

Ever wondered what it would look like to microwave soap, wax crayons or even fairy lights? This virtual microwave lets you see the results without any of the mess.

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DC generator action

A diagram showing a dc generator working, on which the frequency of ration is adjustable. The results are seen on an analogue meter, and an oscilloscope screen. Useful description of the commutator.

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Showing 11 - 20 of 322