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Electromagnetic waves applet

View and rotate different 3D waves including linear, circular and gaussian

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Stationary Wave

Animation of two full waves meeting and superposing to form a standing wave.

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Waves and wave motion

An introduction to longitudinal and transverse waves, and period and frequency.

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The nature and properties of waves are discussed and illustrated with the standing wave being introduced and explained. Clear explanation and appropriate graphics.

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The site explains the basic of the electromagnetic spectrum and the various wavelengths of which it is composed (Radio Waves, Microwaves , Infrared, the Visible Spectrum, Ultraviolet, Gamma Rays, ...

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Wave Interference 1

This applet demonstrates several superpositions of simple wave forms. The waves can be rectangular, elliptical, square or a triangle. A basic site which gives a basic understanding of the principle ...

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Acoustic and vibration animations

An amazing site constantly under development with brilliant animations of waves as pressure maps and as particle motion effects. The site includes information on all types of waves from acoustic to ...

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Blocking Light

To understand how a polarizing filter affects the components of an electromagnetic wave try the experiment on this page.

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Light Waves and Colour

Useful information driven site which provides details on both how light can be considered a wave and the relationship between waves and colour.

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Energy in Electromagnetic Waves

Information on this concept and links to related subjects.

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Showing 11 - 20 of 209