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Static Electricity

A starter/revision guide to static electricity aimed at UK GCSE level. Includes animated diagrams.

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This site gives details of a series of demonstrations on illustrating electricity, giving details of the set-up used and the safety hazards

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Activities to explore Static Electricity

Practical activities to introduce electrostatics and to make links with current electricity. Some could be used by younger children as an introduction, older pupils can develop concepts.

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Electricity and Magnetism

A site linking to many other sites, each dealing with an aspect of Electricity and Magnetism

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What is static electricity?

Short illustrated description of the phenomena of static electricity.

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IPPEX Interactive Electricity and Magnetism

Animated tutorial on basic electricity and magnetism including static charge, moving charge, voltage, resistance, and current. Requires flash.

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Electricity Online

A resource that links to many sites about electricity. The "internet field trip" sites are very good - well thought out contextual links.

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Electricity Timeline

A timeline showing the historical development of electricity.

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Static Electricity Page

This is a links page to articles and other sites concerned with Static Electricity

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Energy and Electricity Wordsearch

A wordsearch largely based on energy rather than electricity

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